Monday, August 6, 2012

Kentucky House Speaker Stumbo - and he represents a Kentucky coal district?

Speaking Saturday morning at the Graves County Democratic Breakfast, Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo displayed once again just how out of touch he and his party's House leadership are with everyday Kentuckians. Stumbo stated,

"When you count up the successes that President Obama has had...I think the choice is pretty clear,
I'm not ashamed to say, I'm gonna vote for Barack Obama...I'm proud of it, I'm gonna vote for him".

A staggering statement considering the condition of Kentucky's economy, an economy devastated by President Obama's failed policies. The same policies that are waging war on Kentucky coal and just last month cost 600 Kentucky families their jobs. Greg Stumbo and House Democrats may see this as "success" but Kentuckians know it's just the sort of leadership that is bankrupting this country and causing our commonwealth irreparable damage.

On November 6th we have an opportunity to send a message to Washington and Frankfort, to say enough to mandates, overly burdensome regulation and out of control spending. To tell Greg Stumbo and Barack Obama that they don't share Kentucky values and for the first time since 1896 elect a Republican majority and take control of the state House. An opportunity to change the direction of our Commonwealth, to stop falling behind neighboring states and start implementing pro-growth economic policies that encourage job creation.

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