Tuesday, November 13, 2012

College Tuition Rates?

Just read that former Northern KY University President, Jim Voltruba, will be receiving at least, $371,000 each year over the next several years to teach 2 classes at NKU. $287,675 salary plus two seperate insurance policies at $45k plus other, plus $30k office budget plus a full-time assistant. NKU Board Chairman Terry Mann said that this was "FAIRLY MODEST" - (to teach 2 classes-you think)

Also, former UK President Lee Todd, is 'earning' a $511,000 retention bonus plus an UK Engineering faculty at about $162,000, along with a travel budget and other incentivies including basketball and football tickets. - (In the same vein - not Kentucky tax dollars - but former Univ. of Cincinnati President Greg Williams is receiving $1.3 million two year severane package). source - www.wlwt.com/newa/local-news

And we are wondering why college tuition rates are going up so much and the state's budget is in such a mess?

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