Friday, March 15, 2013

Kentucky Suffers while Some Play Games in Frankfort -

Let's vote - up or down - on the issues and quit playing political games:
HB 5 - 28 more layoffs at MCCH due to the 3 'MCO's' not or delayed paying MCCH's or provider Medicare bills.;
SB 2 - State Pension Plan - (plan will be bankrupt in 4-5 years);
HB 211 - 2000+ jobs ($80k+) potentially lost in Western Ky due to Big Rivers vs. aluminum smelter plants dispute;
SB 50 - Industrial Hemp production in Kentucky-potentially the largest job creation, industry growth and farm income growth potential and income in Kentucky since WWII;
Several different bills and resolutions to protect our 2nd Amendment RIGHTS in Kentucky;
And several bills supporting Right-To-Life.
These and others.

Quit playing political games - let's get on with it - enough is enough - our future is at stake!

"Why just sit here until we die?" - II Kings 7:3b

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