Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lagoon Bridge Groundbreaking Cancelled/Postponed!

Even though work has already started, for which I am thankful, I received notice yesterday that the groundbreaking ceremony was cancelled for this morning due to scheduling conflicts. Rumor was that President Obama had been invited but due to the fact that Air Force One would probably have had to land in Paducah, it would have taken too long to drive US 45 and KY 80, and the alternate route US 641 had the same problem, because of the 55 mph speed limit and the presidential limo usually cruises much faster on controlled and limited access 4 lane highways.

That could have probably been handled but after the White House found out that Kenlake golf course had been closed there was just no way it would have been worthwhile for the President to come.

Even though Western Kentucky has been working on this project for 37 years, I am truly proud to see it started!

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