Monday, July 22, 2013


Last night MB told me, that when I make a talk or speech to be more 'succinct' and quit chasing rabbits. . . Told her that I hadn't been rabbit hunting in years but then went on to tell her how how used to track rabbits in the snow before I had a good beagle. Told her that Finey, she did remember Ote's brother Finey didn't she, you know that lived on the hill across the road from Ote had taught me how to track rabbits in the snow and that he hunted rabbits with a big stick and didn't even use a gun - even hunted them at night if the moon was bright enough. Then went on to tell her how I bludged the end of a 410 shotgun barrell by shooting it after I had accidently let snow get packed in the end of the barrel while walking through a snow drift while going through a briar thicket down below the bluff near the railroad trussel in Almo (even got up, went to the gun safe, got it out and showed it to her) - there it was 3 inches from the end of the barrel - expainded that the snow was probably 4-5 inches in the barrel but that when I shot it it probably compacted down to the last 3 inches and that none of the shot had even come out and that I was glad that the shells weren't magnum or it would have probably split the barrel. I then went on to ask her if I killed a rabbit this winter would she dress it, if I showed her how and then would she know how to cook it by breading it in flour and then frying it and then making gravy and biscuits to go with it. . . She said she thought I missed her point.

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